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10 years experience in the Film and HETV industry.

Abi Jarvis is a digital script supervisor based in West London. Using her own templates and systems, she is quick and paperless. Abi started her career within the assistant directors department in 2014. In the years that followed she worked on HETV dramas including 'Pennyworth', 'You' and 'My Lady Jane', also major motion pictures like 'Star Wars 9', 'Morbius' and 'Malificent 2'. Abi then found her true calling as a script supervisor. Since then she has worked on many HETV dramas and feature films. 

  • Script supervisor trainee - Caroline Elliston - on the sets of 'Grace' S2 and 'Riches' S1. 

  • Training course – script supervision for film – Screenskills X GBCT – by Sarah Hayward

  • Training course – script supervision for HETV – Screenskills X Mission Guru – by Lisa Mail with Angela Allen

  • Training course - script supervising the action blockbuster: Stunts and VFX – by Daniela Saioni

  • UK and American slating systems

  • Proficient in Scriptation, Peter Skarratt, ScriptE, Word and Excel

  • 2nd units, drone and aerial units, keeping continuity to main unit footage

  • Stunts and fight choreography

  • Green screen and volume stages

  • Multi-cam setups, up to 6 cameras shooting at once

  • Working with children

  • Matching heavily improvised dialogue between setups

  • Intimacy scenes

  • Working with first time directors

  • Macbook pro

  • Ipad pro

  • Ipad mini

  • 2 x Atomos record / playback monitors (with sync sound capability)

  • 3TB cards

  • Scriptation

  • Peter Skarratt forms

  • Final Draft

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