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"Abi, when it's up to me, is on every job I have. She is the most hardworking script supervisor I know, meticulous and diligent in everything she does and always goes above and beyond the call of duty.


The last project I had her on was 'one more shot' a continuous continuity film, as if it was real time. She not only managed this but absolutely shone and we were able to avoid major blunders. Matching each shot to the next so that they could be stitched appropriately in the edit. Also she guided one of our struggling cast members through long scenes with an earworm prompting his lines, without this we simply would not have made the days. The project before that was an interactive film, where each scene would have up to four different endings. She was able to navigate this without a problem. Abi even went out of her way and rewrote the script into a traditional format but with a flow system. So that the cast and crew could understand and read it much easier, and didn't have to keep hunting through all the different pages for the different endings. Absolutely anything I throw at her, she adapts and takes everything in her stride!


As a script supervisor she is reliable, extremely capable and a producer's best friend. Abi is also a great asset to first time or newer directors. She always works well under pressure, somehow maintaining a smile. I honestly could not recommend her enough, she is an absolute pleasure to be around and one of the hardest workers I know, you can rely on her completely."


Melissa Massey  - Freelance Line producer associated with Signature Entertainment and Teashop Films.

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